Long-term Service


Age Requirements

23 years old +

Length of Service

Long-Term Service typically consists of 2+ years of full time ministry. Please contact Proem Ministries for additional options.


You are required to provide your own insurance coverage while serving with Proem Ministries. Please check your current policy to see if additional insurance must be purchased. As well as having current health insurance coverage in the United States, you are required to purchase travel insurance. Upon acceptance, we will send you detailed information about how to enroll.

Airline Tickets

You are responsible for booking your airline ticket, but within the parameters of Proem Ministries dates/times of arrival/departure policies.

How to Apply

Applications are accepted throughout the year and will be processed once received. Proem Ministries staff review applications and you can expect to receive communication from our office soon after an application is submitted.

Application Process

  • Submit Pre-Application & Resume

    • For couples- each spouse fills out a pre-application & resume

  • Phone/Facetime Discussion

    • Proem staff will notify you to set up a date/time to get to know each other

    • Review available “ministry positions”

  • Visit Poland with your family

  • Submit Application, Assessment & References

    • For couples- fill out app together. Each spouse completes an individual assessment & provides references

  • Poland & Support Staff review application materials

  • Notify Applicant of Decision

Requirements Upon Acceptance

  • Support Raising (6-12 months)

    • 100% monthly budget committed by donors (BEFORE purchasing plane ticket)

    • Attend training & planning meeting with Proem Support Ministries Office in Louisville, Kentucky

      • Includes Budget approval, tax information, etc.

  • Passports

  • Departure Planning

  • In-Country training / preparation

  • Language training in Poland (6-12 months)

    • 6 months formal training in Poland required

  • Review ministry positions & placement into staff team