About Us

Proem Ministries Poland was founded by Maui & Ewa Dwulat in 1990 and is run by Polish nationals. More than 80 staff serve to share the Gospel with youth & families in Poland and throughout Eastern Europe, through camps, Christian education, church planting and community help initiatives for Poland’s most needy families. Sister organization Proem Support Ministries exists in the U.S. to support that work in the areas of communications, mission team logistics, financial administration, and church/strategic partnerships.


Fit & Family Camp

Emphasizing healthy lifestyles and relationships, this camp focuses on fitness, marriage, and family. 

Disabilities Ministry

Serving and developing relationships with youth and adults who have special needs.

Summer & Winter Camps

We host outreach camps for children and youth with different themes, including creative arts and sports. 

Zako Rancho

Our newest edition to camp that allows kids and teens to learn the value of caring for and training horses and other livestock.

Missionary & Church Retreats

Retreats aimed for spiritual, emotional, and physical renewal for missionaries and churches.

Journey to Bethlehem

A yearly interactive outreach based on the story of Jesus’ birth.

Christian Education

English School

We provide ESL coursework and educational internships for children, youth, and adults.

Christian Education Center

Our Christian school includes a preschool through high school.


Church Planting

Exodus 15

A group of talented musicians and songwriters who create worship music. 

Solna 15

A ministry outreach in Lodz that includes after-school programs, recovery groups and ESL classes. 

Solna 15 Preschool

A ministry outreach in Lodz that includes preschool programming,

Children’s  & Student Ministry

Tomy church offers ministry for children and students, preschool through high school.

Media Production

A ministry that creates media productions and bible study publications for the local church.

Men’s & Women’s Ministry

Tomy Church provides various studies, conferences and retreats for men and women throughout the year.


Community Help

After-school Programs

Partnering with local agencies, Proem provides assistance with homework, ESL, and parenting workshops.

Family Counseling Center

A place for individuals, couples, and families to find counseling and therapy. 

International Mission Trips

Proem organizes short-term mission trips to Kenya, Ukraine, Belarus, Zimbabwe, and Israel.

Kontakt International
Volunteer Festival

A multi-city outreach involving hundreds of international volunteers.